Alisa Maliseva


Alisa Maliseva is a tour and studio drummer living in Berlin, Germany, experienced in Pop, Rock, Funk, and Fusion music. Besides her jazz drummer studies, she’s been playing professionally since the age of 16. Alisa Maliseva has collaborated with artists around the world and toured with different pop, rock and fusion bands in Europe, US and Asia.

Alisa plays Tama drums, Vic firth Sticks, Remo Drum heads and a huge variety of different cymbals, depending on the required sound by the artist or band. Besides acoustic drums and percussions, Alisa plays electronic pads ‚SPD SX‘ , Yamaha and Roland electronic drums using modern electronic sounds, created for the particular band in Music DAWs like Ableton, Pro Tools in order to express their individual sound. Her vast experience in electronic music production allows her to create a variety of high quality samples what she uses live and in studio. In 2015 a special electronic drumset was created for her live drumming with DJ and various TV shows.


Modern Pop

Pop Remix

Dance Pop

Hip Hop/Trap

Pop Rock


You can book Alisa Maliseva for Studio recordings. The huge amount of diverse musical styles are provided starting from pop, dance, rock even till metal recordings. Alisa offers not just one drum track recordings. It is possible to book a studio live session with a small combo or larger band. Studio work with singers, Instrumentalists, bands or orchestras helps customers to reach their desired sound.

Alisa Maliseva is creative and motivated not just in studio but on stage too. Her energetic grooves improoving the whole show to the new musical and visual level …. Booking …. here